Aggiustamenti // Adjustments 

So I have been in Italy for a little over a week and it has been one of the most overwhelming weeks of my life.  Any kind of adjustment is hard and moving across the world is definitely very difficult. I notice new cultural differences everyday. Whether it’s the extra long lunches, lack of air conditioning, or having to pay for public restrooms, it’s all something I’m slowly adjusting to. However, the fact that wine is cheaper than water here is something I can live with.

This past week, we moved into our apartment, took a walking tour of Verona, visited Venice, and began classes. I’m taking two classes in my first session this summer, International Sports Business which is taught by a professor from Alabama and International Marketing which is taught by two professors, one from Italy and the other from Finland. I’m very excited to learn about their backgrounds and experience college courses in a foreign country. I’m hoping this experience will open my horizons to new ideas and ways of thinking.

I’m currently writing this from an AirBnB in Florence, the first weekend trip we planned on our own. Planning a trip with 8 girls with horrible wifi connection and different class schedules made this much more of an ordeal than it needed to be.  But it was totally worth it. Florence is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to, it’s honestly so breathtaking. I could sit at the  overlook in Piazza Michelangelo for hours and never get bored. Florence is very different from Verona, in that, there are many more tourists and almost everyone speaks English. I’m not going to lie talking to other Americans was a breath of fresh air but, I’m glad that I chose to study in Verona where I will be able to immerse myself further into the Italian culture.

Next weekend I’ll be traveling to the beautiful Lake Garda, stay tuned for more updates!




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