Verona // The City of Love

Daily life here in Verona is very beautiful, that is if you don’t mind the heat and humidity. Even in the springtime temperatures get up to the nineties. Nonetheless walking through the ancient streets of Verona and along the River Adige is idealistic. Verona is located in the North region of Italy, known as the Veneto Region.  Verona was founded in the 1st century B.C. with many medieval monuments unique to the city still standing.


Verona is most popular for being the setting of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Although the play is fictional, millions of tourists flock to Verona to leave letters to Juliet, take pictures of her balcony, see her tomb, and relish in the beauty of Shakespeare’s writing. The locals here have set up a club where people from all over the world can read and answer the letters left to Juliet.  Many of you have probably seen the movie Letters to Juliet, well it’s actually a thing that happens. Maybe not to the extent of the movie, but it definitely keeps love alive in the world. I hope to volunteer my time this summer and answer a few letters found at Juliet’s wall.


Verona’s Arena is actually older than the Colosseum in Rome and they look very similar. The Arena used to host gladiator games and other shows.  Now it hosts concerts, opera’s, and other events. For example, this week the Arena hosted the Wind Music Awards, with many Italian artists and only two American, Imagine Dragons and Charlie Puth.
I completely forgot that the bus route changed during the awards and ended up walking home in the rain.  I learned the hard way to always carry your raincoat with you.


All of the American students that are studying here with me live in the same apartment complex. My apartment has 4 girls, 2 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms.  Utilities like air conditioning are very expensive so it is also pretty warm all of the time, which I guess isn’t terrible when I usually have to take cold showers. Basically, it’s a place to sleep, so I can’t complain.

Verona May 16 048

The apartments are about a 25-30 minute walk to class.  Luckily for us there’s a bus system that’ll take us right to Piazza Bra, the main city center of Verona. Getting our bus passes  was like dealing the the DMV. We had to take a number, fill out a form (all in Italian), wait in a tiny crowded, hot room, and pray that we filled it out correctly. Now that I’ve got it a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Taking a bus any where in Verona is usually only a 10 or 15 minute ride, which makes heading to school, the train station, the market, etc. so much easier than it would be to walk.

Fun fact: Leonardo DiCaprio owns an apartment in Piazza Bra (pictured below)


Classes are held on ISUVE and IdeaVerona’s Campus which is next to Castelvecchico, or in a literal translation “old castle.”  This makes coming to class everyday feel more like a fairy tale instead of a chore. The campus also has a middle school and a high school, however, not many students are here because it is also their summer break.

FullSizeRender     Image-1       FullSizeRender (1)

Living in Verona is great, I eat pasta, pizza, or gelato for nearly every meal.  The espresso is amazing and the shopping isn’t too bad either.  High end retailers like Gucci, Armani, MAC, and Tiffany & Co. are within walking distance of Piazza Bra. Which means all of the money I’ve saved is going to be spent very easily.


This meal definitely stole a pizza my heart.
*ba dum tss*

I have a little more than 50 days left here, I can’t wait to see what they have in store!





5 thoughts on “Verona // The City of Love

  1. I love reading your blog, makes me want to be there! You are so fortunate to be experiencing this, I know you worked very hard for it! Keep writing, learning and loving life Meg! Love Aunt Denise


  2. Meg, your blogs make my day. I look forward to reading all about your adventures. I am so proud of you and so happy for you to be able to experience this incredible opportunity. I love you! Lynnie


  3. Meg,
    Love reading about your adventures. You are so lucky to get this opportunity. Despite all your hard work getting there , it will be worth a life time of remembrances and stories yet to be told. Travel safe and continue enjoying!
    Love Aunt Barb


  4. Nooooo…only 50 more days?! Thanks for the subscribe. It has been nearly a decade since I’ve been to Verona even if it is relatively nearby. But I love getting to revisiting through your posts. One of my favorite things to do there – andar per goti – brings back some awesome memories.


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