Amsterdam // A Dam Good Weekend 

Two weekends ago, my friend Kelsey turned 21 while that may not be a big deal here in Europe it’s still a pretty big deal for us so we spent the weekend in Amsterdam. The six of us shared a very dinky and very cramped hostel room in the center of the city which was perfect. 

The first day we spent doing cultural things such as Anne Frank’s House and the Van Gogh Museum, my personal favorite. (Even though Starry Night wasn’t there.) 

We obviously had to take pictures with the iamsterdam sign as well. 

For Kelsey’s actual birthday we toured the Heineken brewery and enjoyed the roof top bar over looking the city. We also took a boat tour of the canals, however, the mission for the day was for Kelsey to have 21 drinks on her 21st birthday (of course everything was done responsibly, no need to worry). It was daunting task and a very very long day but in the end Kelsey did it and we are all very proud of her. 

The ~coolest~ part of the day was going to the Extra Cold Icebar, if you couldn’t tell by the name it’s a bar made entirely of ice. 

I know what you are wondering and of course we walked through the Red Light District, how could you not? It’s huge.  Walking through was very interesting, it’s definitely something you should see at least once but I wouldn’t go back. 

We ended the weekend with pancakes and flea markets.  All in all it was a dam good weekend. 




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