Prague & Budapest // Suspended Tickets & Thermal Baths 

My last weekend in Europe, why not go all out? 

Prague and Budapest were both on my check list, we had a long weekend, and everything seemed to have worked out perfectly. 

Prague was beautiful and quaint. We only spent one day there which was perfect, we were able to walk to most of the sights. My favorite part was probably the John Lennon wall and pub. There’s really no significance to it, someone just started painting John Lennon graffiti on a wall and it just took off. As a Beatles fan, of course I geeked a little. 

We climbed what felt like a mountain up to the castle and enjoyed a Trdelník, basically an ice cream filled doughnut cone. It’s definitely as good as it sounds. 

The view from the top was breathtaking and serene. One of my favorite moments of the trip. 

That night we were sitting at dinner when we met the nicest father and son. The son told us that they were ending their trip early because his mom was sick. We later learned that she was terminally ill, so if you all could keep them in your prayers that would be amazing. They were so sweet and kind. I hope they made it back to the states safely. 

On a brighter note, we were very excited for Budapest the next day. We arrived at the airport around 4:00am in order to make it to our 6:45am flight. I go to check in and I’m told my ticket was suspended and I wouldn’t be able to get my boarding pass for the ticket I had already purchased. No one was able to help me and the pay phone was broken. I tried calling home and frantically begged my sister to call my mom, not entirely sure of what she would be able to do for me from Ohio. In the end I was left with no choice but to buy a new ticket which cost more than double what I already paid which left me with no money to spend in Budapest. I am currently working with the airline to get me my money back. 

Kelsey saved the day by offering to help pay for things till I got situated in my finances, I will forever be grateful to her. She truly is a saint. 

Once we actually got to Budapest it was amazing. We spent the first day relaxing in the thermal baths. These natural thermal baths are located all over the city, they range in sizes, some indoors, some outdoors, either way it was exactly what I needed after the stress at the airport. 

We spent the rest of the weekend exploring the city on foot. By now you would think we’d learn our lesson and get bus tickets. 

After coming back to our AirBnB and taking a much needed nap. We went to some of the famous ruins bars that are in the city. I wish I had good pictures of them because they are really pretty cool. These bars are decorated and made up of recycled or upcycled materials making the place feel very hippy and boho, some would venture to call it hipster even. 

Our last day in Budapest was cloudy and rainy so we took a little boat tour and headed to the airport. Upon arriving at the airport we learned that our flight was delayed and that since it was delayed we would be missing the last train back to Verona which meant spending the night in the Milan airport.  It was brutal, keeping your eyes open for that long should be illegal. Once we finally got on a train at 5:30am we finally arrived in Verona just in time for our 3 hour lecture and quiz…yay. 

Travel hiccups aside it was a great last adventure in Europe, I wouldn’t trade these memories for anything. 




3 thoughts on “Prague & Budapest // Suspended Tickets & Thermal Baths 

  1. Travel safe on you last leg of a fantastic summer home?
    Looking forward to seeing you and hearing the rest of your adventures still to be told!♥️Aunt Barb


  2. Meg’s blog = Great pictures of an absolutely astonishing summer with wonderful reporting! Hmm International Marketing or Travel Blogger????


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